6 Nov 2017

Music Video First draft feedback

This folder contains feedback on your music video first drafts.

Your task is to screen grab shots which relate to my feedback and explain what next steps you will take to rectify/modify your shots. This should go in the student comment section of the form.

Once you have completed this section I will sit with you and offer more detailed one to one feedback.

30 Oct 2017

Advert feedback

Attached is the feedback sheet for your adverts.


28 Oct 2017

Digipak feedback

Today's lesson

Today we'll be going through feedback on digipak design. You task is to identify the errors in your own work, set yourself targets to improve and then bring your work to me for one on one advice.

I have created a PowerPoint and feedback sheet to help you make improvements. 



24 Oct 2017

Schedule October 23rd - Friday November 3rd

Monday 9th October – Friday 27th October (includes half-term)
  • Complete 1st draft of music video including filming and editing.
  • Screen shots of ongoing editing process essential for full marks.
Work to be posted on blog by 3:10 pm and acknowledgement of completion sheet signed in H2.
Draft video must be posted on blog. 
Marks may be deducted for late submission.
Mon 30th October – Friday 3rd November
  • Feedback on digipak and magazine advert to be returned to all students.
  • Make necessary improvements and complete final versions.
Friday 3rd November – 3:10PM work to be submitted with name(s) and candidate(s) numbers to H2. Work must also be posted on blog.
Marks may be deducted for late submission.

3 Oct 2017

Digipac Analysis Guide

Below is work by Bronte Woodland and Jess Greenfield. This work achieved level 4 and follows a similar structure to the analysis you would have conducted into magazines at AS. When analysing a digipac it is essential that you discuss all the elements identified by the exam board in my earlier post.
  • Front
  • Spine
  • Back
  • Membership postcard/flier
  • Lyric section
  • Disk impression
  • Band info section/booklet
  • Free image/poster

A2 Schedule - Monday 25th September - Friday 13th October

Finish your storyboard
Make an animatic
Research CD/ Album cover art
Complete analysis of three CD packages (example)
Film video outside of lesson time
Make a draft of your CD digipak

19 Sep 2017

Feedback and Animatics 18-9-17 - 22-9-17

In this week's lessons, you need to collate your feedback from your peers and then begin creating your storyboard.


In this week's lessons you need to complete the following:

  • Complete feedback task (if necessary)
  • Create a comprehensive storyboard of your music video
  • Construct and post animatic onto blog
  • Create a schedule list
  • Remember to apply relevant narrative theorists to your music video
  • Post shots of prospective video locations
  • Write a risk assessment

11 Sep 2017

A2 Schedule - Monday 11th - Friday 15th September

In your lessons this week you need to complete the following:

  • Pitch initial idea to class and receive feedback (from class)
  • Evaluate class feedback (will be essential for your evaluation) 
  • Refine idea and submit to teacher for feedback
  • Consider representations in your music video (who/what, why, where, how)
  • Begin to create a comprehensive storyboard of your music video
  • Prepare a schedule list
  • Post shots of prospective video locations

What to include

The name of your song
The genre of your song
The name of your artist
The style of your video (performance/narrative/disjuncture)
Video/media which has inspired you
Location ideas
Styling ideas
Lighting ideas

5 Sep 2017

Research and planning 31st August - September 8th

Welcome back. Below is a list of the tasks to be completed by 3:10 on September 8th.

Research and planning

To include:

  • Set up individual blogs (yournamelcm1718.blogspot.co.uk e.g. benwheatleylcm1718.blogspot.co.uk)
  • Complete detailed analysis of music videos (at least 3) including conventions and genre categories e.g. illustration, amplification and disjuncture.
  • Examples of other texts. Music videos that you like and may use as inspiration. 
  • A variety of mood boards to convey different aspects of video (e.g. genre, styling, miss en scene).
  • Audience profile and conduct market research (use uktribes.co.uk)
  • Shortlist five potential songs. Account for choices.
  • Decide on a song. Explain decision.
  • Decide on band/artist name and create biography.
  • Post photos of band members alongside existing bands/ artists as exemplars.
  • Preparation of a 25 word pitch.
  • Set up twitter feed for your fictitious band

5 Jun 2017


Click on image (or use Printable Paper link in Websites list) to access storyboard templates that you may find useful.

19 May 2017

Induction Lesson Booklet

The Importance Of Repetition

The Importance Of A Great Video - a-ha Take On Me

Below is the same song (give or take a few tweaks to the musical arrangement) which failed to chart, the second "correct" version arranged by Alan Tarney also failed to chart. The final version featuring Tarney's arrangement and the new video by Billie Jean Director Steve Barron, sold 1.5 million copies in a week and won 6 VMA's.

In terms of editing the original has an edit every 2.6 (approximately 65 shots) seconds, whilst the second video contains approximately 180 shots meaning an edit or "cut" every 1.25 seconds. The second video also contains a stronger narrative element, sacrificing the performance element of the video.

With the advent of the music video, the visual became more important than the music. Bare this in mind when planning yours.

Here's the 'iconic' version

Andrew Goodwin

Andrew Goodwin received his Ph.D. in Cultural Studies from the University of Birmingham, England. He is the author of a well-known book on Music Television and cultural theory (Dancing in the Distraction Factory. Music Television and Popular Culture, University of Minnesota Press) and he has published numerous articles on media and cultural theory. His areas of interest include media aesthetics, critical theory and popular music. Professor Goodwin serves on the Editorial Board of Popular Music & Society, is a Corresponding Editor for Media, Culture & Society and writes for Tricycle, Inquiring Mind, and theworsthorse.net. He is currently writing a book about Led Zeppelin.


At A2 you will be expected to create a Music Video as well as an Album Digi Pack and Poster promoting your band. This blog aims to cover the basics of this process.

Posts will be split into theory and inspiration. You will be expected to apply the theory you discover here to your own work.

9 Jul 2015

Star Image

Select a music video.

Print screen 8 shots of the lead singer and analyse the mise en scene of the 'shot'

13 Sep 2012

Disjunture and Performance

This video from Internet Forever is the perfect example of low fi disjuncture and performance. Not including the stop motion sequences there are approximately 100 shots in this 180 second video, there is repetition throughout and frequent use of montage